Firearm Courses

NRA Basic Pistol

This course is an introduction to handguns for new handgun owners/shooters and those desiring a refresher.

The course teaches the fundamentals of gun safety, safe gun handling, the basic parts, action, cleaning and care of standard semi-auto pistols and revolvers. Students will learn and practice proper breath control, sight use, stance, grip and trigger control.

This course includes all paperwork and materials in the NRA Basic Pistol packet, including handbook, shoulder board and course completion certificate.

Range time includes shooting from the bench, single and two handed standing positions.

Students are encouraged to bring their own handguns, however we can supply handguns when needed.

Cost                 $75.00

Class Length  8 hours

Note:     No ammunition is allowed in the classroom. Leave in your car or see the Instructor for secure storage outside of the classroom.

Handguns brought to class should be unloaded, cased with magazine out of the magazine well.

Dress appropriately for the weather as shooting is usually out of doors.


Firearm Course locations and times are listed below:


Basic Defensive Pistol

Instruction will include safety, self-defense and the law, dry fire drills, marksmanship, malfunction drills, speed & tactical reloads, use of cover, multiple targets and shoot-don't-shoot.

This course is an introduction to handgun tactics focusing on development and repetition of basic handgun skills and accuracy.

Needed Equipment:

Center fire semi-auto handgun

350 rounds of ammunition (no armor piercing or steel core bullets)

3 magazines (minimum)

Double magazine pouch

Holster: must be strong side and cover the trigger. Barrel must point at the ground

                 No cross-draw or shoulder holsters

Adequate belt

Eye & ear protection

Open jacket, vest, shirt or coat (concealment garment)

Water, snacks 

Inclement weather gear as shooting will be outdoors

Cost:     $150.00

Course Length     12 hours

                                 Day one:     3 hours classroom

                                 Day two:      9 hours range

                                Cost             $150.00


Upon successfully competing this course students will receive a course completion certificate 


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